The Jason Aldean Concert at Fair Park on Saturday Got Pretty Wild

Attention white people: It might be time to take heed of all those stay-away-from-Fair Park warnings you heard growing up, because when you take the pop-country stylings of Jason Aldean, whose Night Train Tour made a stop at Gexa Energy Pavilion Saturday night, and mix in a little alcohol, you become a danger to yourself and others.

This isn't just knee-jerk vilification of country music fans. It's well documented by police, who were called to Gexa no fewer than six times during and in the immediate aftermath of Aldean's concert.

A couple of the instances were admittedly mild. During the show, one 24-year-old woman asked the person in front of her to move. Instead, she threw beer. Another woman had her new iPhone snatched from her hand as she walked to her car. A third incident involved a man, presumably drunk, falling in the parking lot and requiring police assistance.

The other cases were more violent. According to police, four men piled out of a pickup and beat a 33-year-old man from Buffalo, Texas, hitting him at least once with a baton, to the point that he needed stitches. His crime? Yelling at the driver to be careful after he almost ran him over.

A while later, 29-year-old Randy Shack allegedly hit a cop in the left eye hard enough to draw blood. He was arrested and charged with assaulting a public servant.

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Eric Nicholson
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