The Larry O'Brien Trophy Will Drive Itself to Mark Cuban's House (And a Parade Update)

We had a photographer out at Love Field, where fans met the 2011 National Basketball Association Champion Dallas Mavericks; a slide show, of course, is forthcomingright here. But one good Friend of Unfair Park was out at the airport and moments ago sent this shot, along with this note: "Cuban put trophy in drivers seat of his car before greeting fans along fence." A nice shot of Dirk and Jet -- and the Larry O'Brien -- emerging from the team plane also follows. Also on the other side, courtesy our Friend: the best T-shirt ever, worn by one Deshawn Stevenson, and council members swarming The German Moses.

As for rumors of the parade taking place Thursday, hold up: City spokesperson Jose Luis Torres tells Unfair Park that the meeting between city officials and Mavs higher-ups isn't scheduled to take place till this afternoon. "Depending on what happens this afternoon," he says, "we'll know a little more." Frank Librio says the city will "probably know for sure late today or tomorrow." A press release will go out as soon as details are finalized.

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