The Late Judge Jerry Buchmeyer's Son Sends the World's Greatest Press Release

Well, it was more of an e-mail from Jon Paul Buchmeyer -- a sort-of casual, friendly heads-up about his book Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life. The book tour-slash-traveling party begins, but of course, in Dallas on May 17 with a wingding at the Hotel Palomar. So, then, whatever is the book about? Well, since you asked, writes Jon Paul ...

It's about fancying myself a gay Mary Tyler Moore when I moved to NYC from Dallas in my late 20s. I land a series of publicity jobs that creates madcap storylines including a mishap with Whoopi Goldberg's Oscar, a mistaken identity as Tyra Banks' Turkish boy-toy, and finishing school lessons in the gossipy halls of publishing giant Condé Nast. Along the way, I provide glimpses into the pain and challenges from a childhood growing up in the shadow of my legendary father, Judge Jerry Buchmeyer. But in the end, just like Mary, I discover I'm going to make it after all.

We'll most definitely talk to Jon Paul in the days before the tour. But till then, you can buy your own copy or jump on over to his blog, where the excerpts are generous and plentiful.

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