The Love Belo

Last night the Observer softball team convened for our weekly butt kicking. As in, we stand there, other teams do the kicking. But last night, it was personal. We played the Dallas Morning News team, a formidable crew outfitted with fancy-schmancy SportsDay shirts. One of them had on a knee brace. You must always beware the knee brace.

What happened mid-game, however, is something from which I think we can all learn a lesson. In a fit of scoring, one young female DMN team member was on her speedy way from third base to home plate as our dedicated outfield brought the ball in from afar. DMN girl falls halfway between home and third, unaware that she is mere moments from being tagged out. Her dedicated team runs to the field, takes the woman by each arm, and drags her kicking and screaming over home plate--but not before we tag her out. She actually had to take a few minutes to recover after the incident.

I'm not saying it's a metaphor for how the big, evil Belo machine operates. I'm just saying: Belo machine. Dragging. Kicking. Screaming. Tagged. Out. Still dragging .

Anyway, if you want to get technical about who lost, then yes--we did have less runs on the board, technically, when time ran out. But if there was a contest between which team had more margaritas concealed in Styrofoam cups, I'll have you know that we won that competition hands down. --Andrea Grimes

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