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The Mavericks Need to Sign Dirk Nowitzki and ...

The Dallas Mavericks will re-sign Dirk Nowitzki. General manager Donnie Nelson is flying to Germany as we speak to make sure of it, with a plan to be on Dirk's doorstep at 11:01 tonight when NBA free agency commences.

But a couple of developments have me thinking that might be Dallas' biggest splash of the off-season.

Though I have Mavs sources saying the team will be granted at least a face-to-face meeting with LeBron James, a story yesterday indicates that the Cleveland Cavaliers will not listen to sign-and-trade offers for the most coveted free agent in the history of sports.

Another story says Dwyane Wade is orchestrating a deal that would land himself, LeBron and Chris Bosh all in Miami with the Heat.

I know owner Mark Cuban is on the west coast and head coach Rick Carlisle will be stationed in the east, but the Mavericks might be realistically left with ...

Joe Johnson? Maybe Al Jefferson?

As I wrote this week, the Mavericks haven't had a true shooting guard since, oh, Rolando Blackman and not a consistent producer at the position since Michael Finley. Adding a third-team All-NBA player to the mix can't be a bad thing.

But is it a big enough thing?

If the Mavericks re-sign Dirk, promise to play Roddy Beaubois and add Johnson, would that be enough to get you excited about another long regular season in 2010-11?

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