The Mavs Are Now the NBA's Fourth Most Valuable Team, But They're Still Losing Money

In spite of all the off-season turmoil, in spite of the fact that Deron Williams went to Brooklyn rather than coming home, in spite of the what-might-have-been speculation about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard in green and blue, the Dallas Mavericks still came out ahead.

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According to Forbes, the team's value grew by a very healthy 13 percent from last year, to $497 million. That was enough to leap-frog the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets to become the fourth most valuable team in the NBA.

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Last year's rankings give a detailed breakdown of Forbes' methodology and the team's finances.

The numbers show that Mavericks revenue and value have risen steadily since Mark Cuban bought the team in 2000. They also show that the Mavs are alone among the league's 10 best teams at losing money, with a $3.9 million deficit.

This is nothing new. Forbes calculated last year that they'd lost more than $237 million since Mark Cuban took over. And as long as it doesn't bother him and the Mavs stay good (or at least fun to watch), we'll take it.

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