The Mavs Make Sports Illustrated! Well, Sorta.

Most years I chuckle at Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.

The blatant pandering. The absolutely non-sports of it all. The shrinking bikini photos that are just this close to being NSFW.

But while examining this year's offering I had two new thoughts:

1. Hey, sounds like I'm describing my own blog.

2. Whoa, a Mavericks' dancer?!

I canceled my SI subscription when it lost Rick Reilly. But this issue may be worth a trip to the magazine stand.

The mouth-watering cover sets the tone for a book that includes not only the usual array of nearly naked models posing in places you've never heard of, but also tennis stars and, yep, NBA dancers.

For example, the Mavs' Deleah Caro. Apparently she's 30, lives in Dallas, has been on the squad for five years and has a MFFL tattoo on her inner ... Okay, I made that last part up.

In other news, she's fun to look at.

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