The Moose is Loose! Or: Dallas Cowboys Fans Are Damned Dirty Rats!

The Fox-y Daryl "Moose" Johnston tells the New York Post today that the city of Dallas -- and, one assumes, the surrounding cities, including the one in which the Cowboys actually play -- has turned on his former team, good God. And he's shocked, I tellya, shocked!

"It's unbelievable. The reversal in the atmosphere of the town from the end of September to the end of October is unbelievable," Johnston told the Post. "You had people packing their bags for Tampa [site of Super Bowl XLIII] at the end of September and now they're canceling their reservations at the end of October. It's typical rats off the ship."

Course, the rest of the piece has the Moose talking about crappy his old team is. And he dunno why. All he knows for sure: No playoffs for you! Rats. --Robert Wilonsky

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