The Most Memorable "Fights" in Dallas-Fort Worth Sports History

When the Lakers' Empire imploded on Mother's Day in Dallas, it did it in surreal style -- under a barrage of 20 Mavericks' 3-pointers, and punctuated by cheap-shot thuggery from Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum.

Was thinking about Bynum's chicken-shit elbow to an exposed J.J. Barea. Other than the time Jason Terry infamously -- and inexcusably -- punched the Spurs' Michael Finley in the family jewels during a 2006 playoff scrum, Bynum's signature shot will be a defining moment of Mavericks' basketball intensity.

Let me say this is as clearly as possible: Bynum is forever a punk.

UPDATE: To his credit, the punk just apologized.

Frustration be damned, you don't assault a vulnerable player -- especially one half your size. The intent was to harm, and if Barea would have been injured so would Dallas' championship hopes. The dude should be suspended and fined next season, and he should be forced to give a public apology ending with him explaining why he ripped his jersey off as he left the AAC court.

As for other memorable confrontations ...

I don't rememeber a singular hockey hit that stands out, so let's go with last season's Bruins-Stars game in Boston where the gloves were dropped three times in the first four seconds.

As for the Cowboys, George Teague blasting Terrell Owens off the Texas Stadium star will always be a favorite hit.

But, of course, nothing -- until the Mavs meet L.A. next season? -- will top Big Tex's headlock on Robin Ventura.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.