The "New" Love Field Needs a Theme. Here Are the Three the City Council Will Choose From.

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Before it takes off on its holiday break, the city council will, on Wednesday, take a look at the three themes consultant Gensler is proposing for the new-n-improved Love Field Airport's terminals. Gensler, which has experience from Jackson Hole to JFK International, lays out its case for each in this thick briefing doc (which also outlines efforts to lure concessionaires to Love Field after ... well, you remember). Let's play along, shall we? First up, there's ...

... Theme Concept Option 1, otherwise known as Texas Outdoors. Says Gensler:

It's hard to think of Dallas without thinking of the great state of Texas -- its rugged scenery, wide open spaces and the independent spirit of the people who call it home.

What may be more of a surprise to visitors is the variety and beauty of Texas landscapes -- whether one speaks of the Guadeloupe mountains, the canyons of the panhandle, the hill country or the white sand beaches of the southern coastal areas.

Love Field concessions can be a reminder of regional resources and a source of pride for Texas and the southwest in general.

In other words: Welcome to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport! Except, you're not in Austin. Sucks for you. Next.

For Theme Concept Option 2, Gensler presents ... Destination Everywhere! (Not to be confused with a certain 1997 movie starring Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.) The rationale behind this one:

Traditionally, Love Field has been known for short distance travel, primarily within the southwestern states. As Love Field's list of destinations continues to expand, travelers will begin to see Love in a different light.

Love Field will become the ambassador to these destinations, ranging from within Texas to all over the nation, by offering concessions that celebrate the elements that make the destination unique.

Concessions would be comprised of restaurants and shops featuring local cuisine, souvenirs, and even maps from Love Field Destinations.

How could something so Wright feel so wrong?

Now, then, to our final choice: Theme Concept Option 3, or ... Distinctively Dallas. In case it doesn't speak for itself:

Love Field is the doorstep of Dallas. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Most may think of Southfork Ranch, the Dallas Cowboys, or actual cowboys, but Love Field has the opportunity to shift perceptions. Travelers and residents will discover a new and unexpected side of Dallas, unearth an art-influenced diverse community, and experience unique, regional-inspired amenities.

Restaurants, retail shops and art galleries reflecting a Distinctively Dallas theme will become the cultural portal to Dallas.

Yes. Do that.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.