The New York Times Goes to Jerryworld

A condensed version of Richard Sandomir's visit to Cowboys Stadium, which appears in this morning's edition:

Jerry Jones, tour guide, was showing off. Lost in the excitement of the show and tell, Jones trampled a couple of traffic cones and nearly flattened two fans walking to the $15-per-person stadium tour. He didn't seem to notice. He said repeatedly during a lengthy interview that he was sensitive to his fans' economic woes -- although he has not cut prices. Jones says Cowboys Stadium will be its own stimulus package that will help "the country and this world" dig out of the recession. Meanwhile, most studies show little economic impact from new stadiums. Mayor Robert Cluck added, "The public's mind has changed from, 'We probably shouldn't have done that,' to now we hardly hear negative words." [Jones] talked about the marble floors picked out by his wife, Gene, and the stadium's contemporary art works -- like the one by Olafur Eliasson titled "Fat Superstar" that cast a colorful, geometric pattern nearby. "It's the opportunity to have a piece of the past and all that will take place in the next 30 years of its future."

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