The Place To B Tonight

There was a time, seems like it was about five seconds ago, when I didn't think it would ever get below 100 degrees in Dallas. My bike rides around White Rock were put on hiatus. Friday nights on the porch with a cold one were moved inside with six fans and a gallon of ice water. Sweating became a way of life.

And then, suddenly, it stopped.

Gotta love Texas weather. Now that your evenings aren't filled with laying on the floor beneath the strongest A/C vent in the house, it's time to venture once again to that foreign land: outside. No better place to do it than at Oak Cliff's Belmont Hotel, on a breezy evening up on that big hill with the Downtown view. With Gary Busey.

That's right, the Buse-man will be a key part of tonight's "B-Reel at the Belmont" movie screening of the 1991 American classic, Point Break. FBI goes undercover to catch surfing bank robbers!? I'm there, and so are Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Anthony Kiedis, who plays an important part in the "surf gang."

They show the movie out by the pool, and they offer a full bar of libations. I'm in the mood for a mojito myself. --Andrea Grimes

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