The Rangers' Biggest Fan? Dallas Attorney With Irving Court Date and World Series Tickets For Tomorrow Files Today's Legal Must-Read.

A good Friend of Unfair Park just sent us what has to be the greatest legal document ever filed in Irving Municipal Court. "That's high praise, indeed," says Greenville Avenue-based attorney Darrell Cook when reached by Unfair Park this afternoon. But, you see, the doc has nothing at all to do with a case, which involves high weeds. Or something. That's not the point.

No, you see, Cook has tickets for Game One of the World Series tomorrow in San Francisco. And he doesn't want to miss tomorrow's court date. And he doesn't want to stick the case in another attorney's lap. No, he wants a continuance; hence, the emergency motion on the other side.

And it's not just any ol' emergency motion for a continuance. It's a heartfelt and hilarious account of one fan's lifelong love affair with the Texas Rangers -- "a love for the Rangers that has gone generally unrequited for thirty-eight (38) years," per the doc. Till this year, of course.

I won't spoil what's on the other side -- not even the footnotes. But Cook is a wee bit apologetic. Because, see, he wrote this thing at the last minute yesterday, 30 minutes before the court closed. And now it's being passed all over the legal community -- says Cook, he's heard from attorneys as far away as Detroit, and the pal who sent this says Cook's been asked by other attorneys to autograph the doc.

"That's tongue-in-cheek," Cook says. "That was a friend of mine who asked for that. But I am realizing that hundreds, maybe thousands, of lawyers are reading my work, and I am worried about the quality of the work. It could have been funnier and done with greater attention to detail." Regardless, it's today's must-read. And Cook may just end up sending us some postcards from San Francisco. Godspeed, Darrell Cook!

Greatest Filing Ever From a Texas Rangers Fan

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