The Rangers Will Play the First-Ever Baseball Game in the Alamodome This Spring

San Antonio's Alamodome wasn't built for baseball. It didn't have a big league baseball team when it opened in 1993, and it still doesn't. In March, the Texas Rangers will fill that void, if only for a weekend.

The club has inked a deal to bring the Rangers and the Triple-A Round Rock Express to the Alamodome for a pair of preseason games, according to the San Antonio Express-New.

The deal was reportedly cooked up by Reid Ryan, the CEO of the Express and Nolan Ryan's son. They had driven past the dome countless times on the way to their ranch in South Texas and decided they should look into playing a baseball game there.

Julian Castro, the political prodigy and San Antonio mayor, took the news as an opportunity to tout his city's growing population, rising income, and booming television market. "We're open for business and would like to see San Antonio get a professional football or baseball team in the coming years."

Signing a deal was the easy part. The tricky part comes when you try fitting a baseball field into a space designed for football and basketball. They've apparently figured out a way to do it, but there will be a very, very short distance to the outfield wall.

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