Eddie Sotelo's million radio listeners will now get an earful about how they need a mouthful of Pizza Patron. Genius.

The Revolution, One Slice at a Time

Eduardo "Eddie" 'Piolín" Sotelo is perhaps the most popular and influential radio-show host in the U.S. and A. (for now, anyway). Last year, through his nationally syndicated radio show (which airs locally on KESS-FM, 107.9), Sotelo called for hundreds of thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants to rally in the streets for immigration reforms; hence the pieces referring to him as "a revolutionary threat to America," for better or worse. As Mother Jones called him in the summer of 2006, Sotelo is "the new voice of immigrant rights."

He's also the new voice of ... Pizza Patron? Yup -- also, the face. Says Antonio Swad, the brilliant founder of the locally based pizza biz best known for taking pesos: "Piolin is the living embodiment of what Pizza Patron is all about on a number of levels, and we are thrilled with this agreement." The revolution, turn out, comes with extra pepperoni. --Robert Wilonsky

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