The Spook-y Case of the Missing $2 Million Filed in Dallas Federal Court

According to the Internet Movie Database, there are three movies named Spooked: This 2004 entry starring Cliff Curtis ("... about the mysterious death of a New Zealander who happened upon international banking records after purchasing a used computer"), a 2005 short (about a teenager "spooked by a vision of his doppelganger") and what appears to be a 2006 made-for-SciFi Channel docudrama about paranormal activity at something called Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Which didn't stop a California company called Cinema Solutions, Inc., an English investor named Roderick Michell from wanting to make yet another movie named Spooked in 2008 -- this one, they claim, with help from men in Dallas who would help them find investors.

But in court documents filed in Dallas federal court yesterday, Cinema Solutions and Michell allege their money men took off with their money -- a total of $2 million, which the suit says was to be used to raise an additional $8 million. The suit, posted on Courthouse News, alleges that Joseph E. Ashmore Jr. and Allan Clark transferred the $2 mil to a Chase account, then claimed to have raised the $8 mil but refuse to turn over any of the dough. So now they want their money back. I've left a message for Ashmore -- whose name might sound familiar, as the attorney who currently offices across the street from Unfair Park HQ served as a "respected former probate judge" in Dallas County from 1975 till his retirment in '86.

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