The State Fair? So Far, Fairly Empty.

The State Fair of Texas is on. So where is everybody? On Monday afternoon the midway was empty. Nobody was throwing too-big basketballs at too-small hoops to win a stuffed critter. There was no line for chicken-fried bacon. No line for Fletcher’s corny dogs. And that’s weird.

Maybe it’s gas prices. Maybe everybody’s busy doing other stuff, like ducking and covering. But it’s a shame there’s nobody out there. The State Fair is always worth a look-see. Big Tex has never looked better, and the whole expanse of Fair Park looks cleaner, flowerier and more like a movie set than it ever has.

It’s the 122nd State Fair of Texas. Play hooky. You can get discount tickets at Kroger. Senior citizens get in for free on Thursdays. There’s plenty of room for strollers, even on the skyway ride. With no crowds, you can walk right onto all the rides. We were out there yesterday and had a grand time strolling the midway in the sunshine. Wanna see? We brought the camera along, of course. --Elaine Liner

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