The State of the Arts in Dallas: Or, What About the Children?

For those who don't get the cable teevee, the Dallas iMedia Network, available solely through Time Warner, aired a few days back a "round table" featuring no less than Curtis King from the Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Jac Alder from Theatre Three, Charles Santos from TITAS, Dallas Cultural Affairs Commission chair Judy Pollock, Lisa Schreiner from Dallas Children’s Theater and Bart Weiss from Video Association of Dallas talking about the state of the arts in Dallas. All said more or less the same thing: They're terrified that the forthcoming round of budget cuts will decimate programs that rely on city dollars for funding. In other words, said most: What about the kids?

Thankfully, iMedia's posted the show to Vimeo over the weekend. And it will re-air on Channel 95 at 9 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday, for those with the cable. --Robert Wilonsky

iN Dallas, State of the Arts Townhall Meeting from Dallas iMedia Network on Vimeo.

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