The Statler Hilton Gets an Extreme Makeover. For Now, 'Tis But a Dream.

Much obliged to Rudy and DowntownDallas for directing our attention to this what-if video made by Merriman Associates, which imagines what the Statler Hilton might look like if it wasn't, well, a shadow of a shell of its former self.

I too asked Ashley Claborn, director of marketing at Merriman, what the what this was done for and whether or not it had been presented to outside developers -- like, oh, Tom Keen, the Plano attorney who represents the Hong Kong-based owners, or Warwick International, which, last we heard, was sniffing around the joint.

Alas, no one's seen it, except folks who came across it on the YouTube since it was posted March 31: "It was just made internally to generate some buzz about the building and the area downtown, including the Main Street Garden," Claborn tells Unfair Park. "And also the Continental, which we're doing right there. It was done about a month ago, and we figured it would be of more use on YouTube -- to see if there's anyone out there, to generate some buzz."

Incidentally, this afternoon I did call Keen to see what the what's up with the Warwick deal. No one answered. Will check back. Till then ... imagine.

Oh, and I see DowntownDallas also tweeted the news today: The Lily Pad -- the eatery in the park -- will be open next month.

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