The Time Is Now For the Last, and Best, Short Film About Your Dallas Mavericks' Fab Finals

Here, as promised, is the final "mini-movie" from the 2011 NBA Finals, which was just posted by The Association. Near the beginning you will find Ro Blackman, one "Mavericks legend" discussing another -- the Mavericks legend now, the German Moses who led his people into the Promised Land. For such a short film -- it runs just under seven minutes -- there are too many highlights to count, like when Pat Riley goes to give Rick Carlisle a hug or when Tyson Chandler tells Bill Russell's he's the reason Chandler wears No. 6 or when Erik Spoelstra tells his Heat post-game they did "all the right things" to win the whole thing. "We just didn't." No, you didn't. No matter what Macy's says. It's on the other side. Bring your sports tissues.

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Robert Wilonsky
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