The Top 10 All-Time Dallas Cowboys

From time to time I've been k


 to construct a Top 10 list. But this one, I've got to tear apart.

You're telling me there's a list of the Top 10 All-Time greatest Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones isn't on it? Altogether now: Bull. Shit.

If NFL Network is merely trying to get the blogosphere all a Twitter via look-at-us controversy, mission accomplished. But if it's actually trying to capture the most important contributors to the almost 50-year legacy of America's Team, this is embarrassing.

Their list: 10. Drew Pearson. 9. Don Meredith. 8. Randy White. 7. Tony Dorsett. 6. Troy Aikman. 5. Emmitt Smith. 4. Bob Lilly. 3. Michael Irvin. 2. Roger Staubach. 1. Tom Landry.

After the top two, I've got issues.

What makes this so difficult - and fun - is the Cowboys' quantity of quality. The franchise has 12 Hall of Famers assuming Emmitt Smith's enshrinement next summer. The list has only 10 spots.

Irvin's a Hall of Famer with three Super Bowl rings, but you don't rank him ahead of Smith, or even Aikman for that matter. Drew Pearson made some clutch catches, but come on, he's not even in the Ring of Honor. Who was/is more important to the Dallas Cowboys: Drew Pearson or Bob Hayes? To me it's simple: Hayes.

And I know Meredith led the '60s Cowboys out of the dark ages, but I'm assuming he's on the list partially for his transcedant work on Monday Night Football. I dunno, to me that was good for Meredith, but not so much for the Cowboys. When he sang "Turn out the lights ... " Dandy Don was wearing a yellow blazer, not a star on his helmet.

Then there is Jones. Yes, he's currently overseeing the least successful stretch in franchise history, but the man has three Super Bowls and the planet's biggest, baddest sports stadium on his resume. He fired Landry, but he also hired Jimmy Johnson who, come to think of it, should also be on this list. And Tex Schramm ... and Rayfield Wright ... and Mel Renfro, the most underrated Cowboy of all-time ... and ...

With a stern dismissal of NFL Network's attempt, my Top 10 Dallas Cowboys:

10. Jimmy Johnson

9. Randy White

8. Tony Dorsett

7. Tex Schramm

6. Troy Aikman

5. Bob Lilly

4. Jerry Jones

3. Emmitt Smith

2. Roger Staubach

1. Tom Landry

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