The Top 10 Greatest Players in the History of Your Texas Rangers

If you watched Sunday's 7-2 win in Milwaukee, you'd think Texas Rangers pitcher Colby Lewis (two hits, including a key two-run single) is a better hitter than first baseman Justin Smoak (0-5 with five strikeouts).

If you've been watching forever, you're convinced it's time to shove Michael Young into the organization's all-time elite.

With two more hits, Young will become the Rangers' leader in base knocks with 1,748 in 11 seasons. What he's--quietly, for the most part-- accomplishing is rare, as only five other active players have their team's hit record: Derek Jeter (Yankees), Chipper Jones (Braves), Todd Helton (Rockies), Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners) and Albert Pujols (Cardinals).

How consistently productive has Young been? Second on Texas' hit list among current players is Ian Kinsler, more than 1,100 behind. While it's time for Young to crack the Top 10, he's still miles from unseating my No. 1: The guy who began his 12-year Rangers' career as a 19-year-old in 1991, won an MVP, played on three division champs and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Though iconic voices Eric Nadel and Chuck Morgan might quarrel a tad, my list of the 10 greatest all-time Rangers:

10. Jon Wetteland

9. Michael Young

8. Charlie Hough

7. Alex Rodriguez

6. Ruben Sierra

5. Nolan Ryan

4. Buddy Bell

3. Rafael Palmeiro

2. Juan Gonzalez

1. Ivan Rodriguez

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