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The Top 10 Reasons the Cowboys Will Beat the Redskins on Sunday

What’d else didja expect?

Terrell Owens had his Top 10 on Letterman and I seem to have developed a nervous tic that spits out lists. So, hey, what’s one more?

10. Sense of urgency. Dallas just has to play well – and win. If not, all the Super Bowl posturing will become a punch line and we’ll all be calling for Wade Phillips' scalp come Monday.

9. The good Roy Williams will start. The bad Roy Williams won’t even suit up.

8. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but positive things -- in the form of change -- are happening in Washington these days.

7. Jason Campbell. Against the Steelers he was sacked seven times and threw his first interception of the season. Bubble = burst.

6. Cowboys have lost three in a row in Washington. Haven’t lost four straight in D.C. since ’72-75. In other words, they’re due.

5. Back in his old role as holder, we’ll actually be happy to see Brad Johnson on the field.

4. Terence Newman. Through nine games Cowboys’ cornerbacks have one interception (by rookie Mike Jenkins). That, more than anything, might be the shocker of the season. It also changes Sunday when a healthy, speedy Newman returns to shadow a gimpy Santana Moss.

3. Kyle Kosier. The left guard isn’t the most decorated Cowboys’ offensive lineman, but his return after missing six games with a foot injury will be significant. With him in uniform, Dallas is 3-0.

2. Clinton Portis’ knee. He’s a game-time decision. Without him, NBC’s John Madden doesn’t give Washington a chance in Hades.

1. Tony Romo’s return. There’s a reason he has a $67 million contract. Right? – Richie Whitt

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