The Trial Of Van Midlake

In college, we had this MTV channel, mtvU, that actually played music videos. Weird, right? You could turn it on and expect to see a full-length, non-TRL shortened version of (at the time) some My Chemical Romance, Phoenix or Snow Patrol video. I know, how embarrassing, I'm showing my old age here.

Love 'em or hate 'em, MCR were SXSW darlings last year and Phoenix are blowing up at ACL this weekend (though I'll see 'em at Gypsy on Friday night.) Snow Patrol's crotch-rocking your mom on Vh1 these days. So the more love you can convince mtvU to give local boys Midlake on The Freshmen--the show that decides what makes major rotation on the channel--the better. It's time we got a, you know, not sucky band from Dallas on the national radar, no? It's not like things are looking so great for us just now.

So do a good thing: vote for Midlake's video for "Roscoe," off the new album The Trials of Van Occupanther here. When I started writing this blog entry, they were ranked No. 1; now they're down at No. 2, which means it is time for you, friend, to do your musical civic duty. --Andrea Grimes

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