Dallas Cowboys

The Ugliest Cowboys' Win in the History of Ever?

It featured overtime. It was won by underachievers.

Do you exhale in relief? Or boast with satisfaction?

Glass-half full guys say a win is a win is a win. That Tony Romo found his smile and Miles Austin at just the right time. That 3-2 is heck of a lot better than 2-3. And that - after the bye week - Roy Williams and Felix Jones will be back healthy and all will be right in the world.

Glass-half empty guys say ... well, you gotta couple minutes?

*If you are Dallas' Only Daily columnist Tim Cowlishaw you call for the head coach's head on a platter.

*If you are Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Randy Galloway you say the win just delays the inevitable.

*If you are me, you wanted Wade Phillips fired in Philly last season and even before this season started you considered him a Dead Man Coaching.

*How can a defense be called for five offsides in the same game? Four times, by four different players, in seven plays? Don't think I've ever seen four offisides penalties on the same series. Nope, not even in Pop Warner. 

*On third-and-26, safety Alan Ball just has to know a routine tackle - not a shoulder-to-the-head-hit - will do the job. But, of course, when his secondary coach and head coach are yelling in his defense (seriously, do they not know the rule?) it's difficult to blame the player.

*Why is punt returner Terence Newman - subbing in for Patrick Crayton after his muff - letting the ball bounce at the 15? It eventually rolled to the three. That's 12 yards that the Cowboys aren't good enough to give away.

*How does holder Mat McBriar not turn the laces on the ball on Nick Folk's first-quarter field goal? Perhaps a small thing but, again, attention to detail isn't just lacking, it's non-existent.

*If Newman seriously considers himself an elite corner, he catches that interception on the sideline and slams the door shut on K.C.'s scoring drive. This just in: Newman isn't an elite corner.

*Martellus Bennett had another catch-less game. That's five games, four catches. At this point something's going on. My guess: Bennett's been more concerned with his Marty B persona than the Dallas Cowboys' playbook. He's regressed from camp to the point of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett - and Romo - no longer trusting him.

*Hats to receiver Miles Austin for his record receiving day. But let's be honest, he had his hands on two more touchdowns.

*How does every player on the field know the snap count, except center Andre Gurode?

*Flozell Adams. Four penalties. There isn't enough room. Even in the blogosphere. Silver lining: No tripping.

*I know the Chiefs had to gain only 11 yards to score their first 10 points, but it's a fatal flaw to allow scoring drives with the game on the line. Against the Giants, Broncos and Chiefs, the defense failed to make a game-winning play. Kansas City had one positive drive all game, but it tied the score in the final seconds of regulation.

*Let's face it, this team is a mirror of its coach: Sloppy, undisciplined, aloof. Emotional at times, sure. For the most part they play hard. But ultimately the Cowboys are just a talented, directionless glob of talented players. Phillips on falling behind 10-0: "We had a slow start. I don't know why." No anger. No promises to correct it. Just a head-scratchin' "Hmm, I dunno. Beats me."

*13 penalties. Thirteen! Owner Jerry Jones admits "we really stunk today relative to making mistakes." This, of course, is nothing new. But it's getting gotten old.

*Yes, the Cowboys won. But they also let a horrible team hang around with missed field goals, muffed punts, senseless penalties, boneheaded decisions, etc., etc., etc. ...

*Scariest line of the day. This from Romo: "If we continue to do this, I like our chances the rest of the way." No, Tony, if you continue to do this you'll finish 3-13.

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