A "room" with a view.
A "room" with a view.

The Weirdest Bathroom With a Cool View in Dallas

Praise Jehovah and Marconi, we finally moved offices at 105.3 The Fan.

From the desolate, drab, dripping joint once soiled by Russ Martin at 183/Mockingbird, over to the plush penthouse at CBS headquarters at 75 and Fitzhugh. We're on the 12th floor, in the same offices where Q102 used to shape my childhood with hard-drivin' ditties like "Slow Ride" and "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Frankenstein."

It's like a perch, with a nice view over downtown and brand spankin' new studios and, hold that thought, I gotta go to the bathroom ...

So you walk into the men's room and - boom - there's a wall of windows. Looking out onto a roof, which overlooks 75 north out of Dallas toward NorthPark Centre, Fair Oaks, etc.

Weird. But nice.

Is there a more unique bathroom view in Dallas?

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