The Worst Mavs-Blazers Game 1 Recap in the History of the NBA, Videos and ... Girls?

Couple things here:

*Never give the losing score first, even if it's your team's score.

*With "like three minutes to go" the Mavs led 77-74, courtesy of two Dirk Nowitzki free throws.

*Mark Cuban, at least when I saw him, wasn't wearing a muscle shirt. But, yeah, he kinda was screaming like he'd won the championship.

*She's right, 2 of 16 on 3-pointers is "absurd." I doubt, however, that the Blazers "always fucking do that."

*I do agree that if Portland doesn't win Game 2 on Tuesday it won't win the series. Keen insight.

*Sleep peacefully, Linda Cohn. Your job's in zero jeopardy.

*Sandra Bullock should get a substantially hotter, preferably louder sidekick for future Blazers post-game videos.

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