(Fake Name Alert!) Curt Mega

Theatre Three's Mega Star

For once the squeals they're hearing over at Theatre Three aren't coming from the elderly patrons' hearing aids. It's the reaction of a new audience of teenage girls who've discovered Curt Mega, the 20-year-old TCU student playing the romantic lead, Fabrizio Nacarelli, in the musical Light in the Piazza.

They squeal when he comes onstage, they squeal again when he takes his shirt off (in a love scene with co-star Kim Whalen), and they go teenybopper nutso when he comes out to take his bows. Then they rush home and friend him on Facebook. But Mega (great name for a teen idol, by the way) is being careful. "I haven't confirmed any of them as friends yet," he says. "That just makes it, I don't know, so permanent."

He might have to get used to the fan following. Box office for the show has been great at a time when other theaters are playing to empty seats. Light in the Piazza has been extended through the Thanksgiving weekend, with matinees on Sundays.

We thought you'd like to see and hear this mega-talented young actor. After the jump, he sings one of the show’s big ballads, "Love to Me." --Elaine Liner

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