An MFA protest earlier this year.
An MFA protest earlier this year.
Mercy For Animals

There Will Be a Bloodied, 10-Foot-Tall Pig at Walmart Today. Just So You Know.

Speaking of pork, the nonprofit, one might say PETA-like, organization Mercy For Animals, is none to happy with where Walmart gets theirs. Which at least partially explains why the group plans to have a caged, bloody pig at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Central and Hall Street this morning at 11. It's a protest, you see.

The group says a hidden-camera investigation of Walmart supplier Christensen Farms "reveals pregnant pigs confined for nearly their entire lives in fly-infested crates barely larger than their own bodies, pigs suffering from bloody open wounds and infections, and piglets being slammed headfirst into the ground and having their testicles ripped out and tails cut off without painkillers."

MFA would like that to stop. Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and McDonald's have all recently stopped sourcing pork from such places. Not so with Walmart. Maybe the giant inflatable pig will convince them.

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