There's My Flair."">

"There's My Flair."

The Monte Cristo -- was it ever delicious?

Really, in light of the Bennigan's news this morning, all I can think about is this clip from Mike Judge's immortal Office Space -- some of which was partially shot 'round these parts. Oh, and if you really wanna make your own Monte Cristo, well, there's always this recipe courtesy Bon Appétit. M'kay?

As for far more serious issues concerning the sudden shuttering of hundreds of eateries based out of Plano, several Friends of Unfair Park -- including one who's a former Bennigan's manager -- have asked about Metromedia Restaurant Group's plans to offer workers even the slightest hint of compensation as they're being shoved out the door. Leah Templeton, the chain's spokesperson, says she asked MRG management about that very thing earlier today, but hasn't received any news. "That statement is all I've been given," Templeton tells Unfair Park, sounding a touch frustrated. That's called going out with class. --Robert Wilonsky

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