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They Done Tore Down Sue Ellen Ewing's House

Friend of Unfair Park PeterK directs our attention this morning to a just-posted Flickr set from friend of the show Scott Dorn, a photographer who has spent the last several years documenting this teardown town. Turns out, Scott got a last-minute call late last week from Lindamood Demolition, the company razing 4930 Park Lane, the 1938 manse that's the longtime home of Robert Dedman Jr., former CEO of ClubCorp, which was founded by his late father. (Though Scott tells me this morning he was informed, by the housekeeper who was there New Year's Eve, that the house was actually built in '25, 13 years earlier than Dallas Central Appraisal Records indicate.)

Scott, armed with only a cell phone and two disposable cameras, caught as much of the action inside and out as he could -- in large part because he, maybe like you, recalls the home serving as Sue Ellen's house on Dallas. (It's always been a highlight on that drive along Park, between Inwood and Midway.) Notes Scott, "Robert Dedman tried to have the house restored, but the cost was $15 million to restore it -- too much money." This is what it looked like just before the 'dozers got to 'dozing. Two more photos, from Scott's Facebook page, follow.

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Robert Wilonsky
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