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Think of Interesting Things to Do Next to Parking Meters, Because Park(ing) Day is Coming

Last year, on a short block between Pearl and Olive, a few dozen groups hijacked some metered parking spaces downtown for a day. There was music, pop-up museums, a little bit of soccer, and a good deal of lounging. They were miniature parks, set up by volunteers for Dallas' inaugural Park(ing) Day, the San Francisco-born movement that reclaims parking spots, if only temporarily.

Noah Jeppson, the Dallas movement's co-founder, sent word recently that, since last year went so well, Park(ing) Day is happening again on Sept. 21, a Friday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. This year things will be a bit more sprawling, occupying sections of Main and Harwood downtown and part of Commerce Street in Deep Ellum. The concept, however, remains the same: "to promote social interaction, civic engagement, critical thinking, and creativity through individual generosity and play."

Any persons, businesses, nonprofits, collectives -- basically anyone -- can reserve a space for free by signing up on the event'swebsite. And if you really want to participate but worry that you'll have to go to City Hall to obtain a temporary SUP and COO from the CPC or something like that, you needn't fret. Jeppson told me that all bureaucratic hoops have already been jumped through.

Jeppson also told me that the Observer should have a booth of its own. I think I already have the perfect columnist: grizzled newspaper columnist with bathrobe and lawn chair defending a patch of grass witha shotgun. Perfect.

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