Third Home Invasion Rape in a Month Puts Lake Highlands Schools on Lockdown

When a Lake Highlands woman was raped last month by an attacker who climbed through the window of her Ferndale Road home, it seemed like an aberration in a generally quiet and well-kept neighborhood.

It seemed like somewhat less of a fluke when the same thing happened three weeks later to a woman on the same street. And now, with a third woman reporting being raped in the course of a month, it's beginning to seem like a pattern.

The most recent case occurred at about 7 this morning in the 8700 block of Aldwick Drive, according to WFAA, about a mile from the previous two. A woman in her mid-30s told police that she was in her apartment when a man broke in and sexually assaulter her. She was taken to Parkland Hospital.

In response, Richardson ISD has locked down a dozen Lake Highlands-area schools due to "increased police activity," district spokesman Tim Clark told WFAA. DPD says they'll give an update later this afternoon.

Update at 4:10 p.m.: Police Chief David Brown announced at an afternoon news conference that, basically, they still think Fernando Munoz, currently in jail, committed the first rape but aren't sure who did the other two. According to coverage on Twitter, the department isn't sure if one or two men are responsible but that the attacker this morning may have been scratched.

"We're throwing everything that we have, all our resources, at the issue," Brown said.

DPD's also set up a tip line at 214-670-4415.

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