This Man Spent A Very Long Time Trying to Break Into an ATM on R.L. Thornton

The Dallas Police Department has many, many photos of the man you see at right. They were all taken a little after midnight on December 20, on R.L. Thornton just off Grand Avenue, site of a Comerica Bank branch. But DPD does not know his name, which is why it dispatched to media several of his pictures: "Dallas Police Burglary Detectives are asking for the public's assistance in identifying a suspect caught on surveillance camera breaking into an automated teller machine."

Per Senior Corporal Kevin Janse he took a long time trying to pry open the ATM: "Detectives believe he was at the location for roughly 30 minutes working on the machine." When someone would drive up to use the automated teller, the man -- guesstimated to be 35, maybe 40, who knows -- left, found a hiding space somewhere nearby. When they drove off, he would return, determined. The police report says he came away empty-handed; all he did was bust the plastic door, valued at $300. Call Detective E.S. Keller at (214) 670-5053 if you know the guy.

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