This Old House Says Now's the Time to Buy in North Oak Cliff, a "Best Old House" 'Hood

Last year, This Old House magazine singled out Junius Heights as one of the Best Old House Neighborhoods in the country, insisting, "Proximity to downtown Dallas, great schools, and recent recognition as a National Register Historic District are driving up Junius Heights' property values and helping the neighborhood maintain its historic character."

This year, yet another local neighborhood appears on the list: Late yesterday, Old Oak Cliff Conservation League president Michael Amonett sent word that North Oak Cliff made the cut. And, yet again, the magazine insists you'd best hustle to snap up a home:

Why Buy Here?

North Oak Cliff seems to seamlessly combine old and new. Michael Amonett lives in the house his grandfather built in 1936, and his story is not unique. Many families have resided here for generations, and their beautifully maintained homes, generally in need of only minor updates, occasionally become available. The area's property values stand to rise in 2013 with the return of a downtown-bound streetcar system. Our advice? Get in while the getting's good.

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