Thomas O. Hicks: In Memoriam

With his decision to sell the Texas Rangers to Pittsburgh sports attorney Chuck Greenberg, long-time owner Tom Hicks will willingly, yet grudgingly step into the shadows of Metroplex baseball.

But how will he be perceived?

While Greenberg, 48, and his group seek approval from Major League Baseball, Hicks might actually be ending on a high. By choosing Greenberg, Hicks is, in turn, choosing Nolan Ryan. Neither co-bidders Dennis Gilbert or Jim Crane would have kept Ryan out front and hands-on as team president.

The new ownership will apparently include seven local families as investors, with Hicks' family the second biggest. He'll be around. He just won't be ...

Firing Johnny Oates and Doug Melvin, signing Chan Ho Park and Alex Rodriguez or leading the Rangers to two of their three playoff appearances.

Hicks bought the Rangers in 1988 for $250 million; he'll sell them in 2010 for more than $500 million.

So I ask you, Rangers fans: How will you remember Tom Hicks?

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