Those Brand-New, Up-to-Date Maps of the Downtown Tunnels Are Ready For Unfolding

I met Friend of Unfair Park Noah Jeppson for breakfast this morning and traded him a bagel for a stack of his maps to the downtown tunnels; I got the far better deal. Way back in June, you may recall, we noted that Jeppson was attempting to kickstart efforts to render a brand-new map of the so-called Dallas Pedestrian Network that runs beneath the Central Business District. And he did indeed reach the $1,200 goal, which is why just last week he received 10,000 crisp and smartly done fold-outs, which look like this.

Jeppson's not looking to make a cent off this: He's distributing the maps gratis to downtown office towers, hotels, eateries and other CBD locales; email him if you're interested in receiving and distributing a stack of maps. And: Sooner than later he'll make them available via a downloadable .PDF, so no more excuses for those who still don't know what's where. If you want one now, shoot me a note; I've got 18 waiting and will set one aside for you to pick up at Unfair Park HQ.

Turns out the map came out a little larger than Jeppson expected: Contained within the fold-out is a list of restaurants and retailers found beneath each building, which wasn't part of his original plan. Which reminds me: I haven't been to Kuai Dumplings and Soups since forever, which is way too long. Jeppson also told me this morning that he's posted Vincent Ponte's August 1969 Dallas Central Business District plan, which introduced the tunnels to downtown. That fascinating historical document follows in its entirety.

Dallas Central Business District, August 1969

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