Those Strobe Lights on the Park Lane Tower Aren't Distracting At All

Whilst out and about Saturday night, the missus and I were hypnotized to the point of distraction by the strobe-light twinklings coming from the new Park Lane development off N. Central Expressway. After the jump, a brief video from the residential high-rise under construction across the expressway from NorthPark Center; we grabbed it while at the red light. (Could have just parked there and sketched the thing: Everyone at the intersection seemed transfixed in place, except the dude in the Hummer who ran the red.) I assume that's a holiday thing -- the management company's off-site and couldn't answer our questions -- but that could use some Daft Punk. Still, someone might wanna bone up on their medical journals. --Robert Wilonsky

The Bright Lights of Progress from Dallas Observer on Vimeo.


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