Thousands from Harris County Are Heading to Dallas, By the Bus Load

As you can see from the latest rainfall projections from the National Weather Service, Ike's tracking further east this afternoon than it was this morning -- which means, at this point, less rain and slightly weaker winds are projected for the weekend. Which does nothing to calm the waters in Harris County, which is shipping folks to Dallas by the bus loads at this very moment -- 288 bus loads, to be precise, according to a media release sent out moments ago by Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall. That means the Dallas Convention Center will wind up holding more than the 1,000 evacuees for which city officials began making room yesterday. An except from the release is below. --Robert Wilonsky

[North Texas] counties are working with area cities, school districts and universities to find additional shelter sites for the increased number of people expected to arrive this evening. The City of Dallas is reconfiguring its main shelter location at the Dallas Convention Center to accommodate an additional 450 guests. The Dallas Convention Center will be able to accommodate 1,450 people.
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Robert Wilonsky
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