"Threatening Note" Leads to Evacuation of Fountain Place. Alas, It Was Just a Bad Joke.

Earlier this afternoon, Dallas Police Department spokesman Warren Mitchell sent word: Shortly before 7 this morning, security guards at Fountain Place downtown called 911 after espying what considered "a threatening note" affixed to a scooter in the underground parking garage. Mitchell's narrative suggests that at least one person at Fountain Place has never heard the words Hosam Maher Husein Smadi. He writes:

DPD officers observed a note attached to the motor scooter that indicated that the scooter was rigged to blow if the computers were not unplugged. The note prompted officers to contacted building management and a decision was made to evacuate the building and cordon off the streets.

After further investigations, it was discovered that the manager of a restaurant located inside the office building left the note on the shift manager's scooter last night to remind her to unplug the computers because of a power shut down that was to occur later in the day.

Three employees were taken to police headquarters and questioned. An offense (False Alarm or Report) was made, but it has yet to be determined if the manager will be charged. No one was taken into custody.

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