Tiger's Tale Forthcoming: What Do You Want to Hear?

For the first time since his late-night Thanksgiving car wreck, we'll hear from Tiger Woods. Friday at 10 a.m. (live everywhere, including on our show at

105.3 The Fan

) the world's most recognizable athlete

will apparently address his past failures and future plans


Of course I'm intrigued. I want to see if he still has the eye of the Tiger and the teeth of Eldrick.

But color me skeptical. Why?

Because this will be sanitary, controlled environment. Tiger will speak before a small group of invited guests at the TPC Sawgrass clubhouse. Credentialed media can watch from a hotel ballroom a mile away (WTF?). There will only be one camera for live coverage.

And, mostly, he will not answer questions.

Not exactly baring his soul, asking for forgiveness and crying on Oprah's couch, but it's a start. (By the way, it's not just a coincidence that the press conference will steal attention from the Accenture Match Play Championship. Remember, Accenture was the first big sponsor to bail on Tiger.)

If you could ask Tiger only one question, what would it be?

My question: Since you don't need 'em anymore, can I have some phone numbers?


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