Time To Hire Jason Garrett Full-Time: Right Now

I've seen enough. You?

If Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced the hiring of Jason Garrett today as permanent head coach, I'd be fine with it.

Elated, actually.

It won't happen of course, in part because of the NFL's Rooney Rule that requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate. (Jones could've hired him pronto had he written into Garrett's contract a "head-coach-in-waiting" clause, but sources are telling me that, surprisingly, didn't happen.)

The Cowboys are playing harder and better under Garrett than they did under Wade Phillips.

In fact, linebacker Bradie James sounds convinced.

"Jason Garrett is the fire," James told reporters at Valley Ranch on Monday. "He has that fire in his belly and he motivates us. He really does. I'll be honest with you. He gives you something to think about, and guys respond."

The Cowboys are 3-1 under Garrett. They're a Roy Williams fumble away from 4-0.

The NFL is taking notice, with the Vikings (Brad Childress) and Broncos (Josh McDaniels) firing coaches in a "hey, this interim thing may actually work out" kinda way.

Looks like Tim Tebow tweeted a "thank you" to his old coach.

Not a lot of similar shout-outs by Cowboys to Wade Phillips these days.

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