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Tom Hicks and His Attorneys Haven't Filed Suit in England. Yet. But Also "Haven't Given Up."

Following Friday's hearing at the George Allen, Tom Hicks's attorney in the Liverpool FC case, Fish & Richardson's Steve Stodghill, issued a press release announcing that Hicks and George Gillett's attorneys would "apply all of their legal energies toward securing at least $1.6 billion in damages they expect will result from the proposed illegal sale of the Liverpool Football Club" to New England Sports Ventures. Hicks repeated as much in an interview with SkyNews over the weekend, in which he said he's "devastated," and a suit's a-comin', no doubt. Question was, and remains: Like, when?

That's what the Liverpool Echo wants to know today, as the High Court delays proceedings over legal costs whilst awaiting further news from Dallas. But so far, nothing. U.K. attorneys repping the Royal Bank of Scotland say they ain't heard a peep: "We have no idea whether these allegations are being followed up. There has been radio silence over what their position is." So, then. Let's ask Fish & Richardson principal Tom Melsheimer, one of Hicks's Dallas attorneys: Any idea when you'll file suit in England?

"We really don't," he tells Unfair Park. "I 'm not trying to be funny. There's a lot going on over there, there's a lot to consider over here. We're evaluating what our legal rights and opportunities are, and I'm hopeful that'll reach some resolution sooner than later. Dealing with the U.K. proceedings and any potential U.S. proceedings is complex. I don't think anything is imminent -- in terms of, say, tomorrow. Certainly, we haven't given up. Let's leave it at that."

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