Tom Leppert and Candlebox: Jesus, That's One Hell of a Double Bill

We haven't called Tom Leppert for mayor yet. But Leppert's people sure have. Oakley's too, damned near.

"It's not looking good at this point," Ed Oakley told KDFW-Channel 4 at 9:04 tonight -- nonetheless, the nattily dressed council member said he was "cautiously optimistic" about gaining ground on his Republican foe. Said it twice, actually, though he admitted it'd be "hard to close the gap." The gap being 10,000 votes with 323 of 470 precincts completely reporting as of one minute ago.

Matt Pulle's at what he describes as "Leppert's campaign celebration" at Gilley's -- using Michael Davis' cell, which we call Progress -- and Leppert is talking to TV reporters at the moment. "Leppert doesn't look too surprised," Pulle reports. "He looks as he did at all the forums -- pretty confident. It's a pretty diverse group too: You've got your uptight business people here and your SEIU folks here too." Don Hill's on his way as well. But here's some very disturbing news: Candlebox is currently performing at the Palladium. And there's a country band as well, singing that old stand-by "Lookin' For Love." --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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