Tonight in Oak Cliff, the "First and Only" Meeting With City About Bishop/Davis Zoning Study

It's been some three months since the City Plan Commission took up the Bishop Davis Land Use & Zoning Study, only to decide, against city staff's recommendation, to put the thing under advisement pending further public comment. Said commission chair Joe Alcantar, "We want to make sure that we hear all the concerns." Which brings us to tonight:

At 7 p.m. at Methodist Hospital's Hitt Auditorium, David Cossum, assistant director of the city's Sustainable Development and Construction Department, will present to the public what's being billed as "the first and only interactive meeting with City Staff on the proposed Bishop Davis zoning ordinance and amendments," which the council is scheduled to take up next Wednesday.

It could be a fairly contentious get-together: Half of the neighborhood groups dig the plan, which would allow 70-foot-tall mixed-use structures to rise up in residential areas, while the other half vehemently oppose it. Says one Friend of Unfair Park concerned about the proposal should it pass, "Many of the city's safeguards that keep commercial structures in scale with adjacent residential properties have been altered in favor of the commercial structure."

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