Tonight's Top 10 List From the Home Office on Marilla Street

Four months after a few Friends of Unfair Park offered their suggestions for a new moniker for Industrial Boulevard, the city will finally whittle down the list of contenders to a Top 10. For those so interested in taking part in the process -- which, alas, will not likely include such offerings as "Hunt-Belo-Crow Threeway Freeway" or "Kings Cabaret Parkway" -- the name game commences at 1500 Marilla at 5:30 p.m..

There'll be a little presentation called "Trinity River -- A New Future," because the city could come up with nothing more generic, which'll be followed by a presentation of the Top 20 contenders that'll end with the selection of a Top 10. (This we can vote on; a convention center hotel, no so much.) Though I really love the idea of public-invite City Hall meetings involving the phrases as "fishbowl voting" and "straw poll." Because, after all, Dallas is a small town anyway. --Robert Wilonsky

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