Tony Bones' Breakfast Bunch

Tony Bones, Up From the Street

The great Tony Bones, whose artwork has decorated the likes of Zac Crain's mayoral CD fundraiser and Unfair Park HQ and countless exteriors from here to NYC, will debut plenty of new work beginning tomorrow night at The Public Trust in Deep Ellum; opening-night reception runs from 7 to 9 p.m., so don't be late. Plenty of his limited-edition screen prints are already available from Art Prostitute's online shoppe; hmmm, methinks Breakfast Bunch, of which there are only 25 available, would look awfully nifty in the kitchen, which is why there are now only 24 left. To commemorate the occasion, Nico Hernandez has posted a terrific Q&A with Mr. Bones about his transition from graffiti artist to gallery exhibitionist. I love the following exchange in particular. --Robert Wilonsky

N: How hard is it not to write on walls?

TB: It’s always gonna be a compulsion. But as long as I have an outlet I can control myself. It’s been really hard, but I’ve learned to.

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