Musically Inclined

Tony Romo Can't Sing. But, Boy, Does He Have Company.

Remember this the next time you criticize Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for playing too much golf. He could be singing.

But is Romo the worst of the bunch? Dirk Nowitzki's pretty bad. Jerry Jones is in leather. It's all entertainingly horrible.

This Who's Who of Metroplex star power karaokeed to Faith Hill's "This Kiss" for her Super Bowl XLV kick-off concert last week at Fort Worth's Bass Hall.

Watch the video. Laugh until you cry.

Then jump for the roll call and see if you nailed it.

Michael Johnson.

Roger Staubach.

Nolan Ryan.

Daryl Johnston.

Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief.

Clarice Tinsley.

Tony Romo.

Dirk Nowitzki.

Emmitt Smith.

Scott Murray.

Ian Kinsler.

Brett Hull.

Rolando Blackman.

Jerry Jones.

Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck.

Gary Patterson.

Michael Young.

Pat Summerall.

Russell Maryland.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert.





















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