Tony Romo Talks Expectations, Bathroom Breaks and the Eagles (?)

Yes, in fact, Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo did drop the P-word Tuesday during an exclusive interview on 105.3 The Fan.

But not to worry, it was the one that rhymed not with wussy, but rather kiss.

During training camp Romo was refreshingly a non-story. Collar bone healed, his throwing motion was smooth and accuracy uncanny. Coming off a lockout off-season in which he organized team workouts, his excessive golfing and lack of leadership weren't questioned. And now a married man, he didn't appear on the cover of tabloids with various starlets.

It was about football for Romo, which can only be a good thing for Cowboys fans. And I expect this answer to a stark lowering of expectations will also enthrall those who have in the past questioned the quarterback's passion for winning:

"My expectations don't lower ... It rubs me the wrong way every day I go home if I don't feel as though I performed that day. From a team perspective, whenever I line up and put a jersey on I'm not out here to finish second place. ... I don't think I'm ever gonna go out here and be like, 'Well expectations are lower, we're just hoping to be a pretty decent ball club'. That's not who I am. ... I think our expectations are still high. ... We've had the hype and all that going into a season. Other teams are getting it now and that's fine. But that doesn't mean anything. All that stuff will get washed away and they've got to line up on a football field and play us. That'll be a fun deal."

He said other teams are getting the hype and he looks forward to lining up and playing them. If When Rob Ryan said that it'd be it was national news.

As for Romo's training camp bathroom routine ... 


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