Tony Romo's On a Boat!

I admit, I'm rarely on a boat mutha effer!

But I did happen to be close to this exact spot on Lewisville Lake over Memorial Day weekend. And unless I'm a dry-dock dork, this looks like one of those trick 'em-dick 'em photos where you try to find all the things out of whack.

For starters, when I told this story recently Cowboys' fans were adamant that Tony Romo wouldn't be dumb enough to take his new birthday present near Party Cove.


Also ...

*Why did the Cowboys' quarterback steal Bear Bryant's hat for a day on the water?

*Is that Jason Witten on the back of the boat? Is he taking a dump? Wait, is he naked with a towel over his lap?! Or merely swimsuit saggin'?

*And the other guy? Corby Davidson?!

*The vessel seems an approapriate shade of Cowboys' blue, but is it named "SS Charlie" If so, porque?

*Is that an LSU emblem on the back, or perhaps just an identifier of one of these?

*Jessica appears to be clothed. And sober. Shame.

*In the final analysis, that just can't be his new boat, can it?

*Am I bored, or is just me?

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